Pablo Prado (Formely known as Paul Nova)

Pablo Prado (a.k.a. Paul Nova) was born in argentina, cordoba city.
His father, worked for the most important radio stations of the country, and this gave Pablo, from his early age, access to all types of music.
When he was 13 years old, with a friend of his from highschool, they set up their first dj equipment, in which Pablo worked as a dj.
At the age of 16 he had his debut in a nightclub, which was located near cordoba city, and this was the beginning of Pablo’s career.
Since he was 18 years old, he has played in the most important nightclubs of argentina (Pacha for example), while at the same time, he worked on the most important radio stations.
In 2006 his first two compositions were released by bonzai music, one of the most important record labels with major influence in the electronic music scene, the first one “cordoba” (which was supported by markus schulz in his radio show “the global dj broadcast”) and the second one “mis angeles”.
Actually he is working in several labels around the world as a producer and remixer.
Pablo Prado does not have a defined style, he composes from progressive trance to even breakbeat and house music, in all these years , Pablo Prado learnt to value the best of each style, to respect other music genres, and most importantly, take the best of each style.
His mixes are considered almost perfect.
Currently , he has his own radio shows called “Live Mix”, which is aired in lots of countries and radio stations of the entire world, and “Southern Sounds” every first friday of the month on di fm.
Every week Pablo gets a load of promotional and/or demostration tracks from the most important record labels and djs of the planet, soliciting his comments and opinions about them.
Also, Pablo was the interviewer from the TV show “RESIDENTS TV”, the only television program in Argentina, dedicated to electronic music.
Every week Pablo interviewed TOP artists such as Lange, Nadia Ali, Jes, Woody van Eyden, The Thrillseekers and many more, artists and personalities from the worldwide electronic scene.
In 2011, He founded Plu Records, a label focused on spreading the music of Latin DJs and producers.
Pablo Prado confronted and overcame all obstacles that life put in his way, and he uses all his adquired experience, to become a better person and a better artist every day.

Some label that I Worked
Bonzai, Acute Recordings, Elisir 77, Future State Records, Bit Records, Deep blue Records, Underground Lessons, Ampire Digital, Global Artists Recordings, Istmo Music, PLU Records